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Microsoft Exchange

We offer solutions to fit any of your business needs, whether we host your email on our cloud services for $9.00 per month with unlimited email storage, or we install, configure, upgrade, maintain the exchange server(s) hosted on your premises.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Our experience with SharePoint starts with 2007, we offer architecture, design, implementation, support, both locally and cloud based hosting.

active directory

We can secure your AD environment, manage your users and enforce computer and user policies to ensure compliance and satisfactory operations of your business.

Lotus notes / domino

IBM® paved the way for enterprise messaging and collaboration. Our experience can assist modern enterprises to extract the full potential from their IBM messaging and collaboration resources, while neither impeding operations nor requiring a bloated budget.

voip (voice over ip) phone systems

With prices starting at $25.99 per phone and with special promotions free phones, you can get your business to a VOIP enterprise system at an affordable price. The phones are configured to work anywhere with internet access. You can take the phone from your office to your home, plug it in to an internet port, and you are online in no time.

software subscription

We offer monthly subscription for Microsoft Office Suite including, Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint for a low rate, never worry about spending $300 per computer at once, and have to upgrade within a year or two later. Our subscription model assures you always have the latest version of the software available to you.


Do you need temporary local IT support, project managers, advisers, while your guys are on vacation, or managing large scale projects? We can deploy staff and ensure that they are well trained and prepared to hit the ground running upon arrival, so your guys are free to complete their project, or get some much needed R&R.

computer / data protection and support

Our price model starts at $10.00 per computer per month which includes virus protection, malware protection, ransomeware protection, while we keep an eye on things and inform you if your virus protection is not functioning as expected.
Our $25.00 per month subscription includes security patching of your computer operating system, compliance, and upgrades of standard software when available, such as Adobe Reader, Silverlight, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc..
Our $75.00 per month subscription includes remote technical support. Having a software problem, need assistance with configuration? Call any time and one of our team members will be available to assist.
Our $125.00 per month plan includes email, Microsoft Office subscription, and all of the above.
(Prices are subject to change)

Perimeter security

Is it time to upgrade or install security cameras? Call us to schedule a time for a survey, recommendation, and quotes to give you options of what works best for you based on your budget. Our policy is to educate you on the options so you can make the right choice. We offer standard camera systems, license plate recognition, facial recognition, and abandoned bag monitoring systems.

Cloud backups / data protection / disaster recovery

A monthly subscription rate starting at $25.00 per month per computer or server gives you unlimited space to backup your data, unlimited revisions, and up to 15 minute file change monitoring with backup. The set it and forget it option gives you the piece of mind that your data recovery can be as recent as 15 minutes old changes.
In the event of a disaster, evacuation, we can restore your data to any computer or server.

conference room support

We have highly experienced sister companies that bring the latest conference room technologies to you.